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Rush to Hell

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What is Rush to Hell?

Rush to Hell is a peri-apocalyptic game roguelike-like top-down shooter. Years of technological progress have led to the use of Earth as a source of energy, and humanity has begun to develop at twice the speed. After decades of use and after putting the planet in poor condition, the earth has begun to crumble causing huge chasms making it a hostile and uninhabitable place for weak living beings, forcing humans to move on to other space colonies.

The Core Awaits for you!

A run on Rush to Hell will never be the same!

  • Pick from 10+ characters, from a young Astronaut to a Fallen Hero, a Time Traveler and much more!
  • Make your way and go down to the center of the earth through 7 different randomly generated levels!
  • Customize all the stats of your character by distributing your Embers in countless different ways!
  • Upgrade your weapon and your character with more than 100 unique items, including active, passive and small animals that will follow you during your adventure!
  • Customize every skill of your favorite character by choosing one of the 6+ unique abilities of that character, with a skill tree that can exceed 50 upgrades for each character!
  • Fight against hordes of enemies with more than 45 dangerous and unique opponents, each with their special abilities!
  • Going alone is dangerous ... Bring a friend with you and help each other by reaching your goal with Co-Op Online!

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